In one of my college classes I had to make an entire website out of flash and I’ll admit it was enjoyable. I won’t say it’s a good site, but it’s not bad either.

Since I still didn’t have an understanding of movie clip animation or the ability to add sound, I think it’s eerily motionless. If I were to do it again, the 2nd branch logo would be moving in the background like the video it’s based off of.

The good part is that everything on it works, and if I had to, I could build another even better website in the future. In fact, I’m getting the hang of this so I could do it a little faster in flash then I could with HTML.

The advantage is that it’s well.. flashy, but the disadvantage is that it’s rather ridged. Adding new content and buttons to something like this would be rather difficult. Still, it’s a good way to make a good impression if you have limited time.