I had been using some night stands found in my basement as a bench for helm and weapons and they worked really well for the camera shots I wanted, but were a little hard to sit on for long periods of time.

I didn’t think I was going to be able to fix that in time for the shoot, but luckily came across an entire set of chairs at good will for 30 bucks.


What I’m trying to do works better if it’s a bench so Trey stripped them down.

Adding these cushions raised the bench too high though, so we had to figure out how cut about 3 inches off each leg.


Neither one of us is much of a carpenter so I thought “what would my dad do” and did a half-assed version of that.


Basically we used this patio footrest as a jig to hold the table in place. This let us know we were cutting the exact same spot on every leg.


This worked better then I had hoped, all eight legs are perfectly level.


With some braces added to hold it together and the backs used on the side we had a new bench, better then the old bench!


I had originally planned to leave it with the wood trim to match the captains chair, but with the grey sides covering the built in drawers it looks a little odd so if we have time on Wednesday Trey and I may paint it grey.

Will we do it? Stay tuned to this blog for the exciting answer!