Saturday Morning Cartoons is 2 hours of the very best cartoon moments rolled into one show.  Another project I started before college, it’s currently on it’s 3rd year and still going strong.

Fun Fact: because of this show, I can now sing just about any cartoon opening ever. Go ahead; I dare you to stump me.

The magic of this show is that before you have a chance to remember that your favorite show wasn’t very good, another opening pops up, capturing you in an endless loops of nostalgic fun. Although it’s using content that isn’t mine, I’ve put a lot of hours into getting just the right episodes to follow each other for maximum impact.

The shows hold up on their own, but I did add a few gags in between openings.  You have to see the show for all of them, but here’s an example of my tinkering.

Currently, I do this show at AFO, but I hope to take it with me to Dragoncon if I can fine a palce for it.