I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Saturday Morning Cartoons 4 (the one I played last year) pretty definitive?

Well yea it kinda is, but I’m not happy with the order of them so I’m going to be switching them back around to something more like they were in the second version.

This means I’m pretty much starting over and I can fit in new shows for this year.

Believe it or not there are a few things I missed so now is an excellent chance to update it a bit with more modern shows. Please feel free to list what you would like to rock out to this year and I’ll consider putting it in.

I’m especially looking for newish stuff. I like the reaction I get from Kim Possible and plan to add My Little Pony Caring is Sharing so anything like that will be helpful.

Linking to where I can find it on youtube will help with this, so go nuts!