While I was waiting for Ninja Turtles SE to finish it’s multiple renders I passed the time working on saturday morning cartoons 3.

See how the video shows up full screen on my secondary monitor? that’s a new feature with this version of avid, and it KICKS ASS.

Now that I have begun this project, I am having a hard time stopping, I find myself up insanely late tweaking it until it’s perfect, and this time I think I might succeed. With the exception of updating existing clips with higher quality replacements I don’t think there will be much more that can be improved when it’s done this time. I’m even using what I learned from authoring the turtles dvd so it’s going to be pretty polished.

Latley I’ve been pressing myself to get all of my AFO projects done. After this I move on to big damn game show, and there won’t be much left to take care of come the end of July.

Even though I’m pushing myself hard now it will be worth it by far later because I have graduation, a move to another state, and finding a job all on top of me at the same time.
I’ve never worked this far in advance before, it feels pretty good.