At the last AFO meeting, James asked if Tuesday was a good day to come over and see Saturday Morning Cartoons. It was important that he watch it because I’ve asked him to be a part of the show, so he needs to know what to do when.

I told him it wasn’t a problem at all, but what I didn’t tell him is that I wasn’t finished with it yet.  I stayed up till 9am the day before he came over to finish the effects.  He wasn’t too thrilled that he had “forced me” to rush it, but I like doing all nighters for this kind of stuff, so it was fun for me… I don’t think he believed me.

Well, either way, after months of tinkering, the project is done now. All that’s left is to compress it and burn it to disk, a process that takes about 24 hours to do. Waiting for things to render is my most hated part of doing a project like this, it turns all the fun into frustration because I’m always short a codec or something..

It takes so long because the entire show is a little short of two hours, and every program I put it though has to do it’s own compression on it before it burns to disk (something else I expect to have problems with)

While I wait for that to finish up, do you want to see the opining and closing credits?

I admit, since I wasn’t getting graded or paid for this one, I took a few shortcuts, but it’s still a great intro to our show.  James and I will be wearing those same PJs sitting on that same couch on stage Saturday Morning at AFO, so I think anyone that shows will get a real kick out if having it there.

If you went all the way though to the credits, you saw that the music was done by Dr Steel.  I’m going to send him a message tonight and I expect him to give his blessing, that means the music will be done with permission, and that’s a first for me.

While this is rendering I have a few advertisements to make for Saturday Morning, the wizard, video Armageddon, and my entire room for the con guide.  first to get done is Saturday morning because I already have the assets (you saw them in the video)

Expect to see some of that tomorrow.