Do you remember yesterday when I talked about my new solid state drive and how it’s replaced my other Sata spinning drives?

Well, probably not because no one actually read that post…

Anyway, I also said I would tell you how I’m still using the old drives I had in an unusual way.

Basically what this does is let me use any Sata drive made in the last 15 years has an external hard drive. In fact, I have a few drives that stopped working in a computer that work fine in this reader, it even takes laptop drives.

If the benefit of this isn’t clear, I can now use any hard drive I have laying around on any computer I want via usb. If I run out of space I can get the best deal on amazon or newegg for the biggest drives and not have to worry about installing it.

The best part? this dock only costs 20 bucks! So yea I got one for home and one for the office so I can do video editing in HD with ease. (and yes dad I really need to give yours back to you.)

So yea, I’ve been using them for a while now, and people always seem surprised when I take them places so I thought I would share.