Return to Stilwater

When I got my Xbox one of the first games I played through was SaintsRow. It’s just like GTA, but there is nothing wrong with that. GTA 4 took itself way too seriously, while this game has fun with all the ridiculous violence.

I played though it and didn’t really think much of it until the very end. The last mission in the game has me going to a boat, and when I get there it explodes. End of mission, end of game, I’m dead!

There were clues to who ordered my death, but it didn’t say for sure. I said to myself that if they ever make a sequel it should start with the character waking up form a coma and find out who betrayed him, and that’s exactly what happens!

I’m most defiantly on the same page as this game so I had no guilt picking it up with some of the birthday cash I got from my pop.

The best part of this game is it’s awesome character creator. you can basically make anyone you want with it, so I created myself.

I’m wearing so much purple cus that’s the color of the gang I run, just seems appropriate.

I don’t think anyone else liked this game as much as I did, so I won’t be surprised if none of you have played it. Part 1 goes directly into part 2 in such a great movie sequel-like way, that if you get the chance you should give it a try.