My purpose in the Doctor Who group of the Draon*Con parade is to run around being goofy. I wanted a new reasonably light costume and realized with a few modifications I could use the old Spartan stuff to do a Roman Auton costume from The Pandorcia Opens.

I got the chest piece at the party store, and Gabi did a great job modding an old bath robe to be the tunic (I really owe her a lot for this one).

There are a lot of Romans in the final episodes of last season so I was going to just be a generic auton.

But then I realized that while inaccurate, the colors are the same and I’m inevitably going to be confused as Rory so I might as well run with that.

This came out so well I think I might wear it longer then planed and have it on all Saturday, I mean no pants amiright?