Are You Ready to Rock?

lookit what I found at the best buy yesterday

Rock band is out soon and they had the display up at the store, but no tv. I haven’t done a lot of research on it so this was my first hands on.

Everything uses USB I don’t know if they supply the hub with the whole kit, but Best Buy was clearly using one of their own.

I don’t fault them for this though, it looks like a patch job I would do.
The drum kit looks pretty kick ass, it comes with real sticks.

This one had a hole in it, but that’s what you get for asking hundreds of strangers to hit it with a stick… I’ll have to remember that for when I do it at AFO.

of course the most bad ass part of this is the guitar

Notice how much sleeker and larger it is compared to GH III. It’s pretty clear to me that the main purpose of this controller is to be better then the competition. And since they made the original, thats an unfair advantage that has to keep GH III up at night.

Check this thing out, real metal and detailed controls to make it look as much like a real guitar has possible.

look what they did to the buttons, from this angle you can see them

but form here you can’t

they also added a second set of identical buttons for the meedlys as well as the tweedlys we’re already use to

So I’m looking forward to getting a hold of this. it’s going to make the jam session at afo much more badass.