My trip to Universal got canceled today because I had to bring a video camera down to my pop instead. I just got back from a round trip of Orlando to Tampa and Jebus! riding a bike is like a workout, I’m serous!

With a street bike like mine there are two positions, sitting strait up, and leaning forward to become more aerodynamic.

I knew it would be an endurance test, but I’m surprised just how much from my neck to my hips every muscle hurts. At first I thought I was injured because I’ve never felt both sides of my neck hurt like it does, and then I realized holding the same pose for two hours can take a lot out of the muscles.

Except for my arms and legs the rest of me feels like I just got back from the gym so at least canceling my membership hasn’t taken too much from me.

I still want to go to universal by the way, so I’m planing it again next Monday the 5th. So you know, if you work there and want to give me some tix…