It’s a new year and our Netflix account is back online.

It sent me the first thing on the list and that happened to be rise of the Guardians.


This movie was a lot of fun, and put a great twist on the myths used that I think kids will carry forward into adulthood.


Jack was a great character in his own right, the BTS videos talked about how kids skateboard with their hands in their pockets like Jack does, and I totally saw a kid do that yesterday, so nice touch!


The only things I didn’t like was Jack getting kicked out of the group for no reason. (as most movies like this do) and the villains defeat. The boogieman was interesting most of the time, but was defeated too easily at the end.

I get why, kids need to be able to do that if they are going to go to sleep at night, I just wish he wasn’t as strong as he was when it happened.

If you consider those two things spoilers, sorry about that but it is a kids move and that means some things are going to happen as a given. I say check it out if you get the chance.