Paul was nice enough to lend me some parts for my desktop so I could get a project done by megacon. It turned out that his extra video card was PCI Express and I’m still on AGP so it wouldn’t work. But in a round about way it did solve my problem.

In anticipation of him coming over I took out my old card and pulled the heat sink off of it to see if I could clean it.  I discovered that the paste transferring heat from the chip to the sink was almost gone and that was why the whole system has been going nuts for months.

Gabi got me some paste while she was out last night and now my system is back to 100% operational.


For the last 5 months or so the old girl has been acting up to the point that I had stopped using it, sticking mostly to the laptop. Not only was it having boot up and video problems, but the patch cables that let me control the tertiary monitor were disconnected because of the stereo problems I had in the living room, and I had REAL BUGS living in the frame that I just couldn’t get out.

In other words, the entire house is wired up together and I was having so many system failures that it just seemed overwhelming so I let it slide for a while.

Today I realized that this was just a damn shame. Every part of this desk is custom made to fit my specific wants, but somehow I forgot about how nice it is when it’s working properly. Well no more, freshly debugged, cleaned and armor-alled.  she’s back online and I’m going to make sure she stays that way.