Team Smiley had an outstanding time at the Richard Cheese show at The Social last night.

We showed up nice and early and we were all looking our best. Many people complemented us directly, and a lot more noticed from a distance, it was clear what show we were going to.

Sorry that your eyes were closed in this picture Jack, it’s the only one I have of us waiting in line.

The workers at the club were friendly, and not once did they give us a hard time.

See he works at the social… social security.. get it?

The stage was quite long and we were right against it. We were not in the very front, but that was by choice.

Dick came over to our side quite a few times, this should give you an idea on how close we were.

He had 4 different suits during this show, but this is the signature Tux

I want this suit, I need to get one made out of this fabric!

The reason we were not right in the center was because we got there early enough to have full choice of where we would be. We choice directly under the AC vent and it was a good thing we did!

It was the only place that was comfortable in the whole room. Everyone was hot but us, and we were one of the few that wore a jacket and tie to the show.

After the show the whole lounge against the machine band was available for autographs and pictures, I got one with the band

That’s Bobby in the left and Frank on the right.

I don’t have any pictures of it, but both Jack and Holly were called on stage during the show. Jack was called with two other guys to do a can-can with Richard.

Holly, ironically, was asked to hold THE BOX. as in the box that would have suggestions for songs in it.

Incidentally, I put my suggestion on a dollar bill, Dick was quick to pocket that.

Holy got THE BOX signed after the show.

and we all got a picture with the man himself

This picture makes my night, you have no idea how happy I am with that.

After the show, we all went out for food, Gabi joined us and got this picture. I love it just as much as the one with Dick, how cool are we?

Don’t tell anyone, but Dick promised to come back on another tour in the future, you really want to come see it.

Much more happened then I’m mentioning here, but I’m kinda in a hurry to post this so I can move on to getting things ready for my game shows. AFO’s coming quick, and I need to be ready.

A few days of concentrating on it should get it done, then I have have a nice week and a half buffer zone.