I was able to get a good deal on my motorcycle because the previous owner had damaged it. The damage was minor, but it dropped the price over 1000 dollars making it a very good deal for me.

Over time I fixed most of the damage, but I had not gotten around to fixing the gauges until now.

The gauges had been hit with enough force to break the plastic supports.

It was cracked on both sides, but only under the admissibly, the gauges themselves look fine and function normally. The problem was aesthetic and easy to ignore, but I had to replace a broken speedometer cable and used that as an excuse to take off the fairing and finally get around to fixing it.

JB Weld is a glue that comes in two parts, once they are combined they make a bond that is often stronger then the things you are connecting in the first place.

I used a tape measure to keep the two parts together and let it dry over night then attached the new speedometer cable.

So far it’s working great but I’m not sure I used enough glue for the forces it’s going to be under.

It feels really good to have the bike back up to factory again no matter how long it lasts.

The only downside is I’ve made this repair just in time for me to not want to ride in this weather, but Gabi tells me we’re at the coldest part of the year so I should be back on the road in no time.