I know it’s just a joke….

But now it’s got me thinking, If I were bitten by a radioactive Rudolph what powers would that give me? The more I thought about it, the more i realized it would actually work because Santa’s reindeer can do all kinds of things.

* Flight  (obviously)
* Super speed  (I could visit every house in the world in a day)
* Enhanced strength  (pulling a sleigh with tons of toys has got to count for something)
* Resistance to cold  (they don’t seem to mind the blow zero temps of the north pole)
* Red Light of justice  (Strong enough to cut though a blizzard, and could blind enemies.)
* Headbutt! (that’s what the antlers are for after all.)
* Spear skills (why would I carry it around if I wasn’t good at it?)

That’s all I can think of. I thought about putting a Christmas Cheer power, and lock picking skills but that’s all Santa. Still, I have a feeling like I’m missing some so feel free tell me your ideas.