I think recently most people will agree that major banks are full of crap, but it’s rare you can just point to something and go “that is a flat out lie”

I see these popup ads from time to time, note they say ANYTIME.

Well no, not on Sunday mornings, a time I find myself up and looking at my account once a month.

It’s bad enough they treated me like shit and charged me 15 bucks a month because I didn’t have direct deposit, but they lie on top of it and it irks the hell out of me.

I need a new bank, suggestions?


Oh it gets better. Now it’s every day, and Sunday’s are pushed to 7!

regions lies more

There has got to be some way to nail them for lying like this.


I got the runaround from Regions on this, so I’ve decided to keep this post as a dumping ground for every time they lock me out of my account.

Sunday 12.23.12 2:15am

Regions Lies 12.23

Sunday 12.30.12 6:44am


Saturday 01.19.13 3:25am


Wednesday 1.23.13 3:15am


Friday 2.15.13 1:33pm (AFTERNOON!)

Regions Offline 2.15.13