Finishing up my adventures watching The Last Stand a few days ago I want to show you how cool the theater was.


Regal Cinemas 24 is about 45 minutes from me, so I normally won’t go there.

What’s cool about them is they didn’t just hang up posters, but made their own displays.


This is hand painted on the glass, and all of the dioramas are crafted from scratch


They had four of these little rooms in the lobby, and I can only assume they were constructed for this exact purpose.


It’s a shame there was so much glare on the glass, because these pictures don’t do them justice.


I wish I had an excuse to come back because they are constantly changing the displays. The last one isn’t completed yet and I’m super curious what suits he would put in there.


There was a small arcade too, I’ve never seen this Terminator game before, but it was badassed.


They have a photobooth too, but it was broken. Yea, that made me happy.


I made sure to tell the manager how much I liked his store. He told me one of the employees paints them all and I was seriously impressed.

In the off chance you ever see this post, bravo to you dude!