While I was cleaning the house for Wednesdays D&D game I came across a folder with some fun stuff in it. At first I was going to wait to post so that there was distance between this and Sumner Glau but I thought, ah screw it, this is cool!

I got this signed in a small convention in Tampa way back in 1997. It was one of the first things I did after Basic training and one of the first without having to ask parent permission.

I didn’t know I still had the autograph and was even more surprised to see I had this!

Russel Johnson was a great guy.

MST3K the movie had just been released in VHS and he was happy to see it back in popular consciousness.

He also participated in the cosplay as the engineer that tries to get the crew of a local Starfleet fan group off an uncharted desert planet but Ensign Gilligan ruined the tachyon beacon he made out of coconuts. It was great!

Like the flyer says, William Shatner was the there too.

I don’t have as many warm memories of him because she showed up late, made fun of anyone that asks a question, and ran the hell out right after he signed his minimum required things.

To be fair, I hear he finally “gets it” now and is a lot nicer then he use to be.

I wish I had that poster still, but I lost it long ago. I think this picture pretty much makes up for it, it’s so true to that moment.

The folder I got these from has a few more autographs in them. If you guys liked this one I may post a little more later.