Last night Gabi and I were watching the 1987 Dragnet movie.

I liked Dan Aykroyd’s performance and decided to look up Jack Webb’s Joe Friday to compare. I was surprised with what I found. I knew he was awesome, but DAMN I didn’t know he had speeches like this.

Do NOT make fun of Joe Friday or what he believes unless you can back that shit up.

I always knew he was willing to help anyone who would help themselves, but I never knew he would kick ass when he had to.

The bottom line is that Jack Webb is a good cop, even if he only plays one on TV. Efficient, kind, and righteous, he gave police officers everywhere a good name, and that can be just as important as the man on the street.

He was also surprisingly timeless. With a banter like his you would think it would make him seem outdated, but it’s just not the case.

Yea, he was talking to you.