I liked 300, V for Vendetta, and SinCity a lot, mainly because of it’s visual style. After watching these movies, I then read the comic and was astounded at how close to the original source it was. Since I had experienced it from that direction, I thought it was a good idea of to read the comic before the movie.

I’m glad I did, because the word of mouth you’ve heard is correct. It’s one of the best comic stories ever. Gritty, real, a bit depressing, but not pretentious. The main driving force of this story is the chraters.

Watch the movie, read the comic, or just hear about it; I guarantee you will know these characters well by the middle of next year.
A lot of my buddies have read it so they’ll be with me next year catching every translated frame. I recomend you join us and read it before hand, I can.. ahem… get you a copy.