Last week I announced the new look to wackomedia.

At that point I thought I was done, but I’ve been improving the site in little ways ever since, the biggest thing being random posts.

Basically, any post I think is particularly interesting, like the Dr Who Essentials or Atalanta Zombie Apocalypse photos I can add the Ħ category to it and it will show up on the left hand side.

The picture it uses is the thumbnail I create for the excerpt and in order for it to work it needs to be at the top of a post.

This means I’ve spent a lot of time adding text and updating thumbnails to some of my best content over the last 4 years (at this point I’ve modified over 400 of the almost 1400 posts)

The effort has been worth it, my page views have quadrupled over the last week often getting as high as the best days of AFO and AZA so when those days come around again it should be phenomenal!

Along with random posts, I’ve also made a few other subtle tweaks:

* All posts now feed over to facebook as well as twitter meaning the thumb is visible there and I no longer have to do that manually. (it gets more attention too)

* From now on all thumbnails in the excerpt will have the name of the blog written on them, and that picture will appear above the post. (special thanks to Allen for convincing me this was needed)

* Almost every Category has been renamed to better reflect what’s in there. old post that don’t belong are removed and older originally Myspace posts have been added to them. Things like AFO, TV/Movie Reviews and Video Games go back 4 years now.

* The front page use to have an introduction by me under all the useful links. I pulled this, because the info was old, it was written badly, and having that kind of welcome is pretty outdated

* Deleted duplicate posts that were a carry over from the Myspace blog import. (thought I had gotten them all already)

*Minor, but the latest tweet was replaced by the random post on the sidebar.

So that SHOULD be it for now, but if I spend another 80 hours tweaking I’ll be sure to let you know. (what else could I blog about if that’s the case)