First let me explain that the car and myself are fine. The deer was already dead in the middle of the lane and I literally ran it over.

My car did get damaged but it’s been running weird for a week now anyway so a trip to the shop was inevitable…

…and eventually I’ll be able to afford that trip….

But I digress, it was the same night that I went back to Safety Wolf for some filming on an AZA project. It’s a not something I can publicly talk about right now, but I can show what I was wearing.

This was the first time I had any airbrush done in both years of the show, so I thought it was cool enough to share.

Why am I showing you that now? Well that wasn’t the original plan, but the following pictures are kinda gory and I didn’t want them in the thumb or in the archives. Since both of these things happened in the same night I thought I would combine it.

So with the safe pictures out of the way, here’s What the car looks like from the top.

And here’s what it looks like from the bottom…

That’s still pretty nasty, there’s even chunks of hair in it so yea, click on it if you want to see the clear version.

You can see the plastic bumper is cracked, but that’s easily fixed with a small metal plate. I had a loud speaker that got ripped off too, but that stopped working long ago so no big loss. Other then that it made the crack between the exhaust and manifold way worse so now the car is super loud.

But that’s a problem for another day, right now I have to take a hose to it because everywhere I go it smells like cooking deer meat!