I was at the subway the other day and saw someone with just about the coolest shirt ever!

rad racing

I asked him about it, and he said his friend made the shirt in his house, just like in the movie. Rad is an 80’s film that for some reason hasn’t gotten the love it deserves.

I like this movie because my brother was into BMX racing, so I would watch it with him. I got along fine with my brother but we were always into different things, this was something we both liked.

This is also one of the first movies we ever had and that meant it was on BETAMAX! Our betamax player was always breaking down so we had to take it apart and replace a belt with a rubber band and that would last for a day or two. Eventually we got a VHS player and moved it over to that until it got lost to time.

This movie still isn’t out on DVD, but juduging by that shirt and the youtube hits I bed bet it will be soon.  I don’t know what I’ll think when I finally see it again, the trailer makes it look like typical 80’s sports movie, but I have  feeling that I’ll still think it’s RAD!