His name was Justin Carmical, but most people called him JewWario or Jdub.


He had a import NES show called “You Can Play This.

He was passionate about people being able to play NES games that never came to the states by showing them what games could be played with no knowledge of Japanese. The show was fun, informative, and highly entertaining.


He had another show called FamiKamen Rider where he turned into a Masked Raider with NES powers.


He wanted to make another movie with the character, and I was going to help with some of the effects, but now it will never be.

The series was fun. If you liked it here’s the rest. my favorite part was blowing on the NES cart to activate the powers.

The show had a lot of ambition, It inspired me to dig into my own stuff more.

He shot himself on Thursday 01/23/14, and his wife let everyone know that Saturday. He was only 42.

He could be down sometimes, but I don’t think any of his friends knew it was this bad.

I guess he knew the signs of suicide and therefore knew how to hide them.

He was a kind man, and helped a lot of people.

People thought of him as Mr Rogers. how many people do you know that get compared to that?


Rest in piece, man. We hear you knocking on the gates of thunder, and you won’t we forgotten.