I’ve always used shelving to hold my projector and it’s worked fine, but when on the ceiling projectors are designed to give useful information that I’ve never been able to see.

A while back I was able to find a ceiling projector mount for 10 bucks. (they usually sell for 45 – 150)

I had it downstairs for a while until I was ready to install it, but when I finally tired it didn’t fit. To fix it I used some erector set parts I found in the house.

By the way erector sets are freaking awesome, I totally need to get some more.

I need the projector to still be removable so instead of putting it on the ceiling I drilled some holes in the already proven, reliable shelving.

I got the bolts on there TIGHT, it’s actually embedded into the wood.

Since I was pretty much permanently attaching it to wood instead of the ceiling, I decided to bypass the adjustment column and make the aliments to the wood instead.

I’m glad I took the adjustment column off, it used Allen wrenches to just bearly hold it all together and didn’t trust it to hold up the projector long term. This shelving / mount combo works better in my opinion.

Like I said, it was good the way it was but now it’s freaking fantastic. Because it’s just a little lower we were able to position it better and get a full 25 extra inches on the screen.

TV is now 6 1/2 by 8 1/2 feet, 120 inches of HD goodness, IT’S HUGE! Here’s a pic with light adjusted to compare.

The door to the bedrooms should help you judge scale.

Now that we have this set up all that’s left is to paint the wall. This time I’m going to try a special blend of grey paint I found recommend on the AVS Forums.

This new mix is cheap, easy, and should really make the screen pop bringing us true HD in a really big scale, so I’m really excited to get that done. This is one of a few final touches Gabi and I are working on to make the house perfect for our dragonon guess and that means you can expect a few more posts like this as well as the final room complete posts.

I can’t belive a year has gone by already, but at the same time I can’t belive it took less then a year to get the house into shape. The house is really something to be proud of now, so I’m looking forward to showing it off.