Thursday was the final for our first month of motion graphics.  The requirements were to make an Ad layout for a magazine, and a 30 second animation without using any video.

here’s what I came up with


Again, that is NOT video, I hand animated that entire sequence. The instructor was giving me dirty looks as I showed it because he was sure I had cheated.  Totally awesome.

These are actually the revised versions after the critique. The changes are small, but pretty important. take a look at what I originally turned in


The main difference between these two, and the reason I’m posting them both is to show how subtle the line is between professional and amature work.  I didn’t see it, but not having the black drop shadow in the original made it look unfinished, now it looks solid.

Tomorrow I plan to post another blog about how I actually went about animating it, untill then I’m pretty tired, I think it’s time for a nap.