Since I had to turn in my video for class yesterday, this forces me to make a version one of it, so that means it’s time to share a rough cut with you guys.

It’s pretty good the way it is. The only adjustment I’ve made since this render is the blackness that cuts off the faces at the very end, I’m not sure how it got that way, but it’s fixed now.

I know it dosn’t look like weeks of work, but keep in mind that none of us are standing together, we are each composited individually in the background.

In version two, you can expect:

a better looking stage with working lights.
a better looking fire in the back ground.
energy shooting out of James’ hands during the super notes.
buck’s transition to have a form of shatter on it
a more stable Allen (he jump-cuts twice)
Allen to be a little smaller to fit with the rest of the band.
a complete transition from the band to the logo (what you see is temp)
an improved Pop rocks logo
sound effects for the transformations, mic hit and crowd
the credits to be gone (it’s going to go strait from he logo to the live show)
an improved matte, you can see through buck and allen in a few places.
I think that’s about it.  Obviously that’s more notes for me then for you, because I’m going to have to come back to the project weeks from now and I’m likely to forget. 

I got a lot of complements on it after it was shown.  They thought the video was impressive but, to them, the credits were the best part because Gabi is literally saying what the rubric needs to give me a a 100% score.  adding it to the end like that is something a lot of them wish they had thought of, and everyone was laughing, even the teach.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this video gets shown to new classes in the future.