This weekend has a few things going on:

Spiderman 3
Spiderman 3: Imax
City of Heroes is reactivating all accounts for free this weekend

Guess which one of these things the man with no money is going to be focusing on?

That’s right, the city is restless and it’s time for Cyrus Caughtner to dawn the sunglasses and protect paragon city once again.

I’m level 45 right now and it was a long standing dream of mine to get to level 50 before I die. Maybe I’ll get it this weekend. Although I do plan to miss much of JACON (sorry guys) I do plan to go to the Ball Saturday night. All of the AFO gang go every year and it;s usually a lot of fun.

This years theme is “through the looking glass” I was going to do a Mirror Universe Captain Kirk (complete with goatee) but I think they want the dance to be a little more high class, so instead I’m going to be wearing my prototype Dr Steel Toy Soldier uniform, I’ll post a picture of that later.