Have you ever heard of QR Codes? They’re a type of bar code that can hold a hell of a lot of text information.

I didn’t know this myself until this last Dragon*Con and I feel kinda stupid for not figuring it out. All this time I thought that code was for a game but it turns out it’s super useful.

I’ve spent the last day or so playing with it and this is what I came up with.

If you scan that with a QR scanner on a smart phone you’ll get the following:

This info comes from the code so it requires no internet connection. I can add phone numbers, business address, and other info that can be added strait to the phone’s contact list.

If you click on the web site it will go to my contact page.

As you can see I changed it to make finding the social stuff way easier. This will help making contacts at all the conventions I go to super simple because they can find my stuff with pretty much no effort at all.

I can print that barcode and stick it on my badge, put it to the DVD menus so everyone can get to it in main events, and modify my business card to include it.

The card and what I put in the code is still a work in progress, but you have to admit, it’s wicked cool!

The code is easy to make and is pure text so it wont get bogged down with old code formats.

I plan to make some stickers for myself, Showtime, Bullride photos, and AZA, anything that I want to get the information out for.

Best part it holds the attention of the viewer more then the actual text would, making it the game I originally thought it was. Now that I know what it is I can’t help but scan them all!