Click the pic above to play the game!

I know, it’s not the hardest game in the world, but I think you’ll agree that it does look nice and is pretty darn fluid.

To make this game work, I had to hard code over 500 lines of action script code. It wasn’t overly hard, but it wasn’t easy either. Things you might take for granted like everything going away after you win or lose the game has to be programed in. and not just “clear stage” you have to remove each thing you put on with “what if” statements.

Where I think this project shines is in the animation. Almost half of what you see here is things I animated before I started work on the programing. for example all of the spaceships have their own animation loop, and if you look close, you’ll see that Tor Johnson (the big zombie in the brown suit) not only bobs up and down like the other ghouls but also moves his legs.

Sound was another fun feature. We learned how to hard code adding sound, but I found the flash gui to be the easiest sound effects program Ive dealt with by far. You create key frames when making animation like any other program, but here, you can just drop a sound right on that frame and it will play every time. Notice that when one of the crack local police fires there’s a gun shot to go with it.

Each flying saucer has a swooshing sound as well, just like in the movie. In fact, I think this game captures the movie really well in that regard.

The music, sound effects, and dialog were all pulled from the film by me and edited to be loopable for the game.

Here is the scene that my game is directly from:

Finally, there’s my good buddy Dudley Manlove talking about the solimainte

the only thing I regret was that I wanted this game to have a black and white feature as well

but that didn’t work out. although I could do it easy in Illustrator, the feature just didn’t exist in Flash. The next version of flash is coming out in the next year so maybe I’ll update it if that gets corrected.

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