Hating yesterdays BlockBusters Today

Gabi, Rosie, James, and I watched Pirates of the Caribbean II at my place last night. I saw it when it first came out, but the rest of the group had not.

I was relieved to find that we unanimously hated it. Their were too many plot lines, and half the characters were motivated for reasons that made no since. Will Turner sold his soul for no reason, then he just ran off on his debt much to Davey Jones surprise.

I bet the rest of the crew felt foolish “you mean we could have just left? man wish I had known that before I became a human sea turtle!”

We all decided that there was no way disney was getting 10 bucks from us to see Pirates III. we’ll wait for netflix to send us that shit in 6 months and watch it here.

The ninja puts it best, but he skipped one thing:

Even though everyone was a pirate NO ONE did any pirating or pillaging at all EVER in this movie! They should have called it “lo