Getting ready for my fallout costume I’ve made an insert for the pipboy 3000 toy I’ve modded


here’s a screen shot to compare


I chose this stats screen because it’s the one you see on all the NPC when you talk to them. I’m hoping to have this printed on transparency plastic so when I light it from the back it should glow.

I did this in illustrator so I can make sure it’s made to the exact size of the toy without having to worry about resolution or aspect problems. Since its’ original vector work, I can change any part of it.

If any one else wants one with their character name or different stats, just let me know and I’ll whip it up for you.

I plan to eventually finish the costume, but I never got much farther on this project then the prototype

I modded the pipboy 3000 toy that came with the survival edition of fallout 3 to play music from the radio stations. I discovered that I could skip to the next track on the hidden ipod nano inside and of course, it didn’t work when the camera came on.

My vector image worked out great, but my printer sucks so it’s the wrong color. It’s only a temp overlay until I get can get a good one printed anyhow.