I was going to show off the 3D car I made in class last month but I can’t get it to load in the copy of studio max I have.  I’m working on getting 3DS 2009, so while I wait let’s talk about the video project a bit more.

I still haven’t had the time to ask how to save out screen grabs from finalcut, but luckily Allen posted the pictures he took so I can share those instead.


As we play the rock band game, things become more and more real until we are all rocking on the stage in full leather.  Since we didn’t have a stage to film on, I’ll have to make one on blue screen.  This is why Allen and Buck seem so under dressed.


 James and I transformed to metal rockers back in the “reality” set that is Allen’s house and Allen and James don’t fully transform until half way through.


I don’t actually have a picture of Allen in full garb, but trust me, he’s rocking out just like the rest of us.

I’m lucky to have buddy’s willing to help me so much. Not only did all my friends come to film, but my team in video game creation has agreed to help me make a 3D model of a music stage that I can reuse for this.

If things keep going like this, it’s really going to rock.