I found some Pepsi Throwback at the publix today


It’s Pepsi using sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  It kicks ass, so I bought a six pack for Gabi and I to share. (it’s sold one at a time so I got 3 pepsi and 3 dew)

It’s only available for a few weeks in limited supply at limited stores, and I had to go out of my way to track it down. In 6 days I’ll be 90 days from AFO making this the last soda I’ll be having in 3 months, a good way to stop I think.

I would get some if I were you. Not only will it encourage them to make more, It will remind you of a different time and that’s kinda neat. I plan to keep two bottles of it to drink during TMNT for exactly that reason.

The funny part is, I’m not sure if I like it more then it’s corn syrup counterpart.  It would be funny if this were an advertsiment for it’s current recipe. 

If you try it, I would really like to know what you thinhk.