It took forever to arrive but I have finally installed a new LCD visualizer on my PC.

SilverStone Multi-media System 01

I’ve had one installed on my system for years but it just burned out recently (you can see it on the right).

This turned out to be a good thing because there’s been a lot of advancement in the niche market.

SilverStone Multi-media System 03

What I got was the SilverStone Aluminum Front Panel 5.25-Inch Multi-media System with LCD Display MFP51S

This comes with a remote control and a lot of nifty features… that I most likely won’t be using much.

I mainly got it for the equalizer feature.

SilverStone Multi-media System 02

This kicks on whenever I’m playing a sound on my system and it looks really cool and fluid. When that sound is coming from iTunes or winamp it also tells me tack information.

Whenever I’m not rocking tunes the screen displays information on my system, memory usage, and even weather info for the city. That’s a hell of a lot more usful then the “AUX ON” that use to fill up the display of the old unit.

The unit is powered from the motherboard of my main pc, but I can have it display data from either computer via USB.

It’s a really cool addition to my system, and I would recommend it for anyone that likes data displayed outside a normal monitor.

Don’t let the above pic fool you either, it’s actually quite thin.. you know once you take it apart.

That’s one everyone does to gear right out of the box, right?