Recently I watched all of season two of pawn stars on netflix watch now.

It’s an interesting show where I actually learned quite a bit about history, haggling, and profit overhead. Unlike a regular pawn shop these guys get unusual antiques and bring in experts to tell them more about it.

After watching a few shows you get a feel for how much stuff is worth, and how much they are going to offer and secretly you hope something will come into the shop that they wont know anything about and then YOU can be the expert.

Well, surprisingly exactly that happened.

So here’s the story, this guy says he found it on the side of the road. The body is separate from the top meaning the helmet is wearable. The white square was put in by him to cover a hole in the chest so isn’t a mistake.

You can watch the episode to see what the guys thought of it, but what would be the fun in that? Let play a game and try to appraise this with our sentai knowledge by answering the following questions.

Is this a replica or the real thing (stunt helm perhaps)?
Is the big red body actually part of the prop or was it added later?
How much is the item actually worth?
How much would YOU pay for it if the goal was to resell it

Just copy the questions and paste them in the comments below, I honestly want to see what you think.