I’ve been quiet about my fitness goals for the most part, but today I hit a milestone I’m pretty damn proud of.


The calorie counter on an elliptical exaggerates but it does so consistently so I can use it as a score. This is the first time since I started that I’ve gotten the thing over 1000, and it was not easy to do!

I promised myself I would post an update when I hit 1000 because I must be in better shape by then to do it.


And yea, I can see the difference! I may look mean in the new pic, but I just got off the machine and I was really happy to reach that goal.

I still have 15 more pounds to go to be truly #FitByGenCon, but I think it’s achievable. Next thursday I’m pushing to get 1000 within 60 minutes and not have to count the cool down time too, I don’t know if I can do that in a week, but I’ll get there eventually.