With the new job going full steam, it’s been a while since I was able to focus on Wacko Reviews.

I spent a few weeks thinking about it and think I have a solution that will let me make new content with the time I have.

The first episode of this new series required a new prop so I build an AirLock over the weekend.

Since I already had most of the parts this was a surprisingly cheap thing to build, all I had to buy new was the railing to hang it off of and the wheels underneath.

I didn’t think to really detail how I did it so I only have this one pre-painted picture to show, but if you take your eyes off the trash behind the door you can see the wheels.

Obviously I’m still working on the outer airlock door, but this will get the job done for now.

I’m aiming for the end of this month for the video I built this for, but even if I don’t make that deadline, I have a cool new door and that’s enough of a reward in itself…

If you don’t think so I’ll chuck you out of it!