I listen to a lot of Dragonforce when I run.

For those of you that don’t know, they are arguably the fastest band in the world and that helps keep the pace. Normally I go for the more obscure songs but this time I added Through The Fire and Flames to the playlist.

The reason I avoided this song is because it’s so well known on guitar hero.

In fact most kids who play the game only know them for this one song and they only care about getting the high score instead of how awesome this band is and that gets kind of annoying.

But as I was running today I had an interesting idea. If the song can’t be seprated from it’s fierce difficulty, why not embrace that and use it to my advantage and try to beat the song on expert?

Yes, I’m making a game out of it: The object is to try to “5 star” the song by setting the treadmill to 5 MPH and try to out run Dragonforce.

The song is almost 8 minutes and that’s a hard run!

Right now I can’t go past 5 minutes without having to turn it down to 3 mph. I should be able to build up to it and having this as my goal is going to help.

I’ve started to add an extra 20 minute jog first thing in the morning so I’m going to try to focus on beating it then.

I share because I think this is a fun game, and it would be neat to get other people to play with me. If I end up beating it I could try for another song at a higher setting, but who knows when that might be so I can think about that later.

So what do you think, fun idea?

PS: I spelled Treadmill that way on purpose, it’s more metal that way!

PPS: That was fast, I am able to do it at 5 every time after only a few days. I’ve turned it up to 6 and will soon be able to do it at 7.