Wednesday night was the funeral of my friend Ophelia.

I met Lia early in the first year of AZA. We both played soldiers trying to stop the zombie menace, often switching parts and trading dialog between each other.

This was when I started getting known as “the guy with the red cap.” Lia liked the look so I lent her an extra brown beret I had from another costume.


She added a pin to it and wore it pretty much every night after that.

When she gave the hat back she told me to keep the pin because she had a few of them.

It seemed fitting so I put the pin onto my shirt for the funeral.


I learned a few interesting things about her there I wasn’t expecting, one of the big ones was how smart she really was.

She “had a few of these pins” because she got A’s in everything she did.

I knew she was in school to be a nurse because I tried to help her study between shows. This didn’t work at all though, the subject matter was truly beyond me, so all I could do was “what were the five things in that one section?” and she would read off a bunch of Latin words I had never heard of.

This could end the “she was smart” section right now but it gets better. It turns out that she already had several degrees and was constantly studying high level things and this was just one of them.

So we’re talking about someone that puts down an anthropology book to pick up a medical journal between costume work and acting in a live stage show 30+ times a night. DAMN!


I also found out that she had a lot of struggles in her past that made finding acceptance difficult. I had no idea about it and wish I had because I would have given her a lot of praise for how she was living her life.

The only picture I have of us together was used as my moment of the year for 2010.

It was one of the better moments of my life and she was a big part of that.


Ophelia Bradley was an inspiration to me and I wish I had the chance I would tell her how attractive she was to the mind and body.

We never hung out outside of AZA or the occasional run-in at Dragoncon. I wish I could have gotten to know her better, she was awesome!