After class today Vince, Seppi, and I went out to the parking lot where they had a Scion ride and drive display setup.

The reason we did this was because they were giving away 15 dollar gift cards to anyone who gave it a shot, and we could all do it at once.

while we waited our turn they had some fun time wasters, like making your own shrinky dink.

Colors were limited, but still..

It’s fun to play with your dink in public.

We also used the touchscreen computers to chose colors, music and dashboard ornaments we liked. so when we got to the car they changed the car to match them.

Seppi and Vince rode in the back

They also had an ipod dock, so Vince put in his phone and while the scion rep was selling us on the car…

…we were selling her on Dr Steel!

She didn’t seem too interested in it, but she said she would check it out.

After the drive we got our gift cards and goodies and called it a day, not a bad way to earn 15 bucks. I don’t have any desire to own a car again, but if I did I could do worse with Scion. The full controls of the ipod was pretty darn cool.

and since I’m typing that in my public blog I guess all the effort was worth it.