Man o Man that was a long trip home, I think I’m getting old.  Since we are getting back hours later then expected I’m going to have to do one more short update.  Since this still feels like a really show tweet, I think I’ll share my funny tweets with you today:

Much like the elves I hear the song to cone home.

I guess everyones hearing the song to go home because its like the greyheaven processional out here. Lots if traffic.

The traffic… So deadly… There is no escape…

Day 30 of traffic. Gabi and I have already raided nearby cars and taken their supplies. Once those are gone we may need to eat the drivers.

Ok new plan; we’ve gotten on 75 north bound and are now driving in reverse. Progress at last!

after years of isolation and battling the elements Gabi and I are finally at what we once called home…

yes, I remember how nice this place is they had this thing call net of inters.