Remember a while back I wanted to get an HD capture card? Well times are tough and I can’t afford it, so I’m doing it way old school

I set up the laptop in a dark room and use the HD camera to record what it sees.
I say this an old school technique because this is how VHS and even some really DVDs were made. They play the movie on a film projector and then record
it with a video camera for use at home. You may see some youtube
videos that look really bad, but that’s because they didn’t adjust their
camera settings and isolate the audio. what I have isn’t perfect, but after tweaking the settings on the camera for a bit I get some pretty nice looking stuff.

The major advantage of it is that it’s pulled in the same codec as the green screen so my editing software doesn’t have to rencode it for me to use it, and it lets me stay in HD until I’m ready to down rez it for youtube. I’m know I’m being ambitions here, but this will help if I ever have to put my episodes to blueray at some future point.

I’m done editing episode 2, and have moved on to the stuff I have to do in afterefects. I want to realize the vidcast every other Monday, and so far I’m right on track.