yesterday I posted about my new office chair and asked what I should do with the old one. It’s not that I want to toss it out, but I also don’t want to keep it just because it’s mine. There’s a lot of things in the house that we can’t throw away for that reason so I needed a justification to keep it.

Right after I wrote about it, I realized the answer though. When I was an intern at tree sound I helped them clean out some of their storage areas. I came across this battered but strong stool and took it home instead of tossing it out. My thinking was that it would be of good use in the garage, and I was right, I’ve used it in a few green screen projects already.

The bench originally had a solid wood board on it

While that was handy something softer would be better so I’ve switched out out with the seat from the old chair.

Now I have the benefit of something that’s super stable, can rotate, has no arms or back to get in the way but is also easier to spend time on. And If I need to I can still use the original seat to put things other then a person on.

Painted green that’s going to work well.

The leather of the chair has a tear, but Gabi and I were thinking of upholstering over it with some of the green fabric. Paint the bottom green also and I’ll be good to go.

If I end up doing that I’ll be sure to show it off.