After three days of filming with 6 HD cameras I’ve run out of space on my cloud drive leaving upgrading as my only real option.

I picked up a new 3tb drive to replace my old 1tb mirror backup, but this is looking to be harder then I expected.

not enough terabytes 01

To get the drive set up the way I want I have to transfer the entire TB I already have to a backup drive, then format and put it back on there.

A process that is taking days!

I don’t know about you, but I get REALLY nervous with doing something like this. One screw up and I loose everything I’ve ever done with no way to recover.

I havn’t lost anything Lucidity, but I did loose about 50 gig of irreplaceable data already so yea.. it’s been a long few days…

When I get everything set up I should finally be able to rest easy again, I’ll let you know when that’s done and I can move back into editing.