The cards came back from Kinko’s and they look great!

I’m proud of myself with this project, it’s really made it clear to me that I can be a game developer if I want to. This one came out so well, I think I’ll make a few more just to boost a portfolio. If I add my 7 years of game show creation and all the parts required for that, I have something to really show off. I’ve always tried to be humble with this stuff, but now I’m not so sure I should be.

Not just anyone can do what I do. I’ve thought for years that no one really cared about my Gameshows, but if that’s the case, why do I fill the room and why do I have an entire section of AFO dedicated to my stuff?

That’s it! Kit gloves are off baby! I’m not fucking around at this years AFO. New graphics and sound effects are called for. Wheldon Smiley needs to be better then he’s ever been before, I’m going to rock that room, and people will know who Wheldon Smiley is by AFO 9