Atlanta is a major hub for long distance flights and because of this happens to have the biggest airport in the world.

Chicago’s Midway wasn’t shabby either though, and had some fun stuff to look at while I waited for my departure home.


The Blues Brothers is one of my favorite movies so it was nice to see the city its set in likes it too.


The rest of the flight was uneventful, but something did occur to me while we were taxing


When was the last time you were allowed to smoke on an airplane? I’m pretty sure it was before I was born, so 35 years.


Since I’m never allowed to smoke, why does every single plane have an indicator, yet nothing for cell phones?

Seriously, that phone rule is BS, but it’s still heavily enforced so why don’t the replace the cigarette logo with one more useful?

If you know the answer to this totally let me know, cus I’m curious.