My friends and I are big fans of DarkMaze Studio’s “Ninja The Mission Force” so we made a parody commercial to celebrate season two of the show coming to DVD on March 22nd.

If none of that makes any since, you should probably check this out.

Making our video was a lot of fun James, Trey, and I filmed it in about 15 minutes at the nearby school. It looks fake, but nothing was touched by us at all, that recycle can was really there.

I was going to wait until the series came out so I could do a more updated version of the phone call, but since it’s going to DVD we went ahead and used footage from season 1.

There’s a lot of jokes crammed into this minute long video, my favorite is how nothing matches between Trey and myself.

Ninja Rip Off Short Gag

If you’re interested, keep an eye open for:

The washed out “shot on shiteo” makes Trey look like Pierre Kirby could be standing right next to him.

The power plug for the clock is clearly in frame.

James’s voice acting should sound a little familiar.

Gordon says there is nothing else… except the most important thing in the conversation!

The second phone I use is a really close match to one used in Ninja Empire.

The cut away to the bomb is not only a different place but a totally different colored hand! (thanks Gabi)

Gordon hangs up the phone and looks off in the exact same way as he started. Him sitting there waiting for random phone calls is now cannon to me.

If that looks funny to you, you should check out season one here.

and then you should order the DVD for Season Two.