Just before Christmas Gabi and I went down to the mall. I showed you must of the interesting things we saw except this.

A long time ago I saw a video of Lil Wayne describing how to go to the club properly. He said you needed to have 5 thousand dollars cash and a crunk cup, it was the first time I had heard the expression.

I thought, “yea I get that, when you’re a famous rapper you need to drop big wads of cash at the club and have a cup so cool it cost more then the car you came in”

Well this thing right here, that totally falls into my world. “when you’re a famous geek you have to drop big wads of cash at the best buy and use a cup with your favorite ninja turtle on it.”

I still can’t afford such a cup, but I plan to change that this year.

yea.. crunk cups are cool, I carry crunk cups now.